Roberto Cavalli: Package Design

Here is a quick sneak peak of the upcoming post: Senior Exhibition 2011

NARS Cosmetic Package Design

Advanced Portfolio Design: NARS Eyeliner Package Design
This eyeliner product was the first of the "green-line"
The colors mainly used are earth-tones to maintain an all natural look
Color of blush is marked in the top corner

Advanced Portfolio Design: NARS Nail Polish Package Design
Eliminated the color marker and cut out part of the package to display the color
The package is a top off box

Advanced Portfolio Design: NARS Blush Package Design
Utilized part of the original design in the eyeliner package
The leaf serves as a pull tab
Color of blush is marked in the top corner

[Teen] VOGUE

Advanced Portfolio Design: Redesign of Teen Vogue
Interaction and playfulness of type on the bottom
Simple addition of circles in the background give it an adolescent look
All bodies of type (but one) are apart from the image; it does not envelope or crowd

Advanced Portfolio Design: Table of Contents
Color is a bit washed out to evoke the November "Fall" feel

Advanced Portfolio Design: Audrey Hepburn Spread in Teen Vogue

Common Typographic Diseases

Computer Design II: Typography
Fooling around with balance, weight, and color

Smithsonian Magazine

Computer Design II: Smithsonian Magazine Redesign
The concept is to appeal to the young adults by using lines and constituting a crafty feel

Computer Design II: Table of Contents
I was feeling a tad creative with the Table of Contents

Computer Design II: A spread in the Smithsonian Magazine
The triumphs of Frank Lloyd Wright

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Icons

Computer Design II: Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Icons
Utilized the Rio Olympics logo to represent the following:
Archery, fencing, soccer, rhythmic dancing, swimming, and sail boating
Hand drawn brush stroke quality applied to the demonstrate the fluidity of Rio
Colors were inspired by the logo

Tilting Flowers

Digital Photography I: Tilting Flowers
"It can go in a lot of directions"